Presenters & Workshop Leaders



Dr Christopher O'Mahony     Director of ICT Harrow School

Darren Morgan Systems Manager Oundle School
Rupert Irons C3IA
Robert Berry Director of Computing and IT RGS 
Jason Bell Bournemouth University Disaster management centre

Mark Frankland  Client Emergency Response Manager .IBM Systems 

Kate Cheal is an Apple distinguished educator, an Apple education trainer and a Google certified teacher who is constantly searching for innovative ways to use online and mobile tools to facilitate ‘anytime, anywhere learning’ and to create a culture of collaborative, connected education.

She has worked as a secondary head of music for 14 years and also in higher education where she designed and implemented a 1:1 iPad-based curriculum which had the use of social media at its heart for the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design. She now specialises in training educators to use technology to transform learning both in the UK and abroad and also teaches in a school part time.


Joe Mathewson -Founder of Firefly Solutions  "Simon and Joe are studying for their GCSEs at St Paul's School in London. The internet is taking off but the complicated and clunky school intranet is not. Simon and Joe design and write a new system for teachers to update the intranet, with a focus on ease of use."


Jason Bell has worked in the IT and IT security sector for 25 years. He started an IT consultancy ten years ago and has worked on IT security projects for organisations including the Bank of England, British Airways, ITV and BAE Systems. Jason has presented at trade shows both in the UK and internationally and is now works as a guest lecturer for Bournemouth University’s Disaster Management Faculty. He also manages the IT & networks for a national care company.

Andrew Milburn heads up the Planet eStream division of Planet Enterprises Ltd. Andrew has been involved with video creation and distribution systems for over 20 years with a focus on educational delivery systems.


Fiona Price has been Head of ICT at Stroud School, King Edward VI Preparatory School, for the last 6 years. She has implemented massive changes in the curriculum including the introduction of iPads from nursery through to year 8. She is in charge of developing the ICT skills in school for both staff and students alike. Always looking for exciting and innovative ways to enhance all areas of the curriculum. She is chair of the IAPS ICT group.