Presenters & Workshop Leaders

Provisional list

Bob Allen

Assistant Head and Head of Digital Strategy & ICT at King Edward VI School.


Alastair Barker

Alastair is currently Subject Leader for Computational Thinking at The Trafalgar School, a Lead Practitioner for Computer Science across four schools in the Magna Learning Partnership, a CAS Master Teacher and an NCCE Training Facilitator. Prior to teaching, Alastair spent almost 10 years as a software developer, principally in the telecoms industry. Passionate about how important computing is, Alastair continues to develop software professionally through his company Productivity Systems Ltd.


Andy Barnes

Andy Barnes heads up the technology team at one of the UK’s leading independent schools. Bryanston School offers exceptional educational opportunities supported by the latest technology; as such Andy works with leading technology manufacturers to leverage the best from current and developing technologies. Andy is an experienced teacher and education leader. He has taught a wide variety of curriculum types in a range of both UK and international schools and is still actively involved in the classroom. Having led teams in both the UK and overseas, building and servicing large scale educational technology systems, he has a wide range of experience in both the hard and soft skills required to deliver the very best outcomes. Andy’s involvement with the promotion of technologies from a number of leading manufacturers has allowed him to present the value of different technologies within the education marketplace. Emerging technologies are an area of interest for Andy; he is currently involved in the development and support of a number of projects both in an educational context and in the visitor attractions market.


Alan Earl

A former police officer who, after spending six years working on an Internet Child Abuse team, began to focus on preventative and education work around online issues. Alan completed 9 years of secondment with the South West Grid for Learning and UK Safer Internet Centre. Alan presents to agencies including education, fostering and adoption agencies, businesses and other public and private organisations. During his period with UKSIC/SWGfL, Alan spoke at conferences Nationally and Internationally as far away as Singapore, Africa and a number of European destinations. Alan has contributed to the creation of such online tools as 360safe - a now nationally recognised award winning tool for online safety support in schools across the UK (and adapted for other countries). Alan works to help professionals and parents understand how best to tackle issues.


Michael Forshaw

Michael has been working in education for over 13 years and is the founder and CEO of Innovate My School - a community of 50,000 innovative teachers and school leaders. Michael has unprecedented access to the challenges faced by schools and suppliers, and has pioneered the concept of speed dating in education, facilitating over 4,000 face to face meetings between suppliers and headteachers. Michael has recently launched Edtech Impact - a school-led Edtech marketplace that maps school feedback and impact evidence to customer demographics to help schools identify products that are shown to improve environments like theirs.


Steve Hall

Assistant Head and Head of Staff Development at King Edward VI School.


Sarah Hurst

Data Manager at King Edward VI School.


Richard Jackson

Richard, a former student at King Edward VI School (1994 - 2001), set up Virtronix in 2017 with the aim of helping businesses tell a story in an immersive and engaging way using a blend of advanced 3D scanning, 360° and aerial photography. Richard's interest in photo and videography started at a young age, and remained with him through his early career taking him to the BBC before side-stepping into the world of retail. Virtronix has created virtual reality (VR) experiences from straight-forward "virtual tours" to virtual learning platforms across a number of sectors. Each experience is unique, but is built upon a framework which is designed to be lightweight, simple to access, use and understand without needing a Hollywood budget.


Chester King

Chester is the founder and CEO of the British Esports Association. Chester received authority from the UK Government to establish the association in January 2016. Chester has a 23-year background in traditional sports, with Stoke Park (owned by International Group) running the pre-wimbledon tennis event The Boodles, as well as working for the Football Association, Lord’s and the Rugby Football Union. Chester also founded The eGames initiative, a separate international medal-based esports tournament which ran its showcase in British House alongside the Rio Olympics.


Adam Louca

Adam is Softcat’s Chief Technologist for Security; he focuses on developing, engaging and transforming our customers' cyber security approach. As well as this role, Adam runs Softcat's cyber assessment services business which helps organisations understand their current cyber security maturity and build roadmaps to improve. He is responsible for Softcat's communications during serious cyber incidents such as WannaCry and Meltdown/Spectre. This work resulted in him being shortlisted for Cyber Security professional of the year in recognition of his support of the NHS during WannaCry.


Dave MacMullan

Education Sales Manager at Western Computer.


Joe Mathewson

Founder of Firefly Solutions. "Simon and Joe are studying for their GCSEs at St Paul's School in London. The internet is taking off but the complicated and clunky school intranet is not. Simon and Joe design and write a new system for teachers to update the intranet, with a focus on ease of use." Find out more at:


Andrew Milburn

Product Development Director at Planet eStream. Andrew has been involved with video creation and distribution systems for over 20 years with a focus on educational delivery systems.


Ian Phillips

Assistant Head and Director of ICT at The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School. Ian was named in the Edtech 50 - a celebration of the people, products and projects shaping Education Technology across the UK. Ian is an Intel Visionary and Chair of the Independent Schools Council’s (ISC) Digital Strategy Group; supporting schools through national conferences for the last 10 years and in strategic planning through action research projects, regular bulletins, audits, workshops, training days and blue sky consultancy. Ian is part of the Microsoft independent school Steering group and is an enthusiast for using technology to help inspire students. Ian is also an IT Director and teacher with 33 years of teaching experience in the classroom. Ian is responsible for the assessment of pupil learning using technology and is passionate about developing systems which simplify the way schools work, whilst providing the valuable insights necessary to develop learning communities. He is working to harness the appetite of tech companies to enable students to become the global problem solvers who will tackle the world's current and future unsolvable issues.


Fiona Price

Head of ICT at Stroud School (King Edward VI Preparatory School). Fiona has implemented significant changes in the curriculum, including the introduction of iPads from nursery through to year 8. Fiona is always looking for exciting and innovative ways to enhance all areas of the curriculum and is in charge of developing the ICT skills of both staff and students. She is also chair of the IAPS ICT group.


Mark Reynolds

Mark has over 12 years’ experience in Education technology and left Microsoft to build a start-up. Hable, which launched in January 2015, delivers expert consultancy and learning experiences to Schools, Universities, Academy Groups and Government Departments.


John Sainthouse

John is the IT Services Director at RivaNET Ltd. Following a City based IT management career, John has spent the last dozen or so years leading ICT transformation in schools. Having been Head of IT at Charterhouse, and then Eton College, John joined RivaNET for a fresh challenge with an opportunity to work with many more schools. With his experience he has a unique insight, giving him a deep understanding of the challenges that schools face and finding solutions to best fit their needs. He treasures his personal time, which is divided between his family and his growing collection of guitars, not necessarily in that order.


Quentin Stokes

Experienced solutions sales manager working across MOD, corporate and education sectors.


Oscar Stringer

Oscar has been working in education for over twenty years, as an independent creative, focusing on using technology to enhance teaching and learning.


Alana Varndell

Alana is a teacher by trade, and has a passion for embedding educational technology into a school’s curriculum and culture. From her role as Head of eLearning at Kensington Prep School, she has an in-depth knowledge of how to successfully implement online learning platforms and mobile technology to benefit the whole school community. Alana's current role with Firefly as a Learning Team Lead helps schools to get started with, and make the most of, their Firefly learning platform.


Paula Williamson

Paula is a solicitor specialising in Information Law with particular experience in the education sector.

She advises schools on all aspects of information law in all contexts including commercial agreements, handling complex information requests, outsourcing of processing to third parties, transborder transfers of data, drafting policies and Terms and Conditions, marketing and websites, privacy issues for school development, processing pupil biometrics and sharing of pupil data. Paula has substantial experience carrying out data protection audits in all sectors including many leading independent schools. Paula also assists independent schools embed data protection compliance into their Information Management Security Systems through the provision of staff data protection training. Paula has a background as a regulatory public prosecutor and is often called upon to assist clients facing intervention and enforcement action by the ICO. Paula has successfully defended clients including those facing Monetary Penalty Notice proceedings. An examiner in Information Law, Paula sits on the British Computing Society’s Data Protection and Freedom of Information Panels where she sets and marks examinations in both these subjects; these ISEB/BCS qualifications are generally regarded as industry standard for information law practitioners in every sector. She is also one of the Amberhawk Associates (, arguably one of the leading information law training companies in the UK, led by Dr Chris Pounder and Sue Cullen. Paula is also a contributor to Thomson Reuters Law of Freedom of Information in the UK due to be published in 2019. She is a regular conference speaker including for ISBA and IDPE.