M-Tech Systems are a dynamic and innovating technology provider based in the South East of England. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent services and solutions to both the enterprise and education sectors.

Our clients benefit from a wide-range of solutions, from established industry standards to the innovative and pioneering. Every project is delivered and executed by a team with many years experience in end-user computing, server and desktop virtualisation, LAN & WAN Networking, IP telephony and business continuity.

Supported by a number of close relationships with key vendors and recognised nationally in the industry, M-Tech Systems provides an invaluable level of support and expertise, to revolutionise end-user perception and encourage cutting-edge technology adoption.

Planet DV specialise in developing innovative video creation, management and distribution solutions to enhance the teaching and learning process and support the increasing applications for the use of video content in education.


At the ICT Conference Southampton 2016, we will be demonstrating our educational video on demand and live streaming platform; Planet eStream.

Planet eStream is an innovative browser based media content management and delivery system. It enables organisations to create, brand, theme and manage their own secure ‘YouTube’ style media archive and distribute and share that content on demand, via VLEs, websites, PCs, mobile devices and digital signage displays.

Planet eStream now has a user base of over 1600 educational client sites worldwide comprising many top UK independent schools and school trusts, state maintained schools and entire educational authorities, Academies and free schools, Further education Colleges and Universities.


Planet eStream also offers live video streaming, lecture and lesson capture, IPTV and a fully featured digital signage interface.